Angry Stubborn Articles of Clothing

So this morning as I was getting dress I cam across a pair of boring looking sunglasses however I noticed something....they had the same print as the most fantastic looking Alexander Wang sunglasses ever.
I stared at the glasses. Now to make this a little more interesting we will play house. I will be the four year old and the sunglasses will be the boring parents who sit around eating carb free diets.
Me: Why won't you be alexander wang glasses
Glasses: Because I don't have the energy to, go build character or something
Me: Think about all of the miss fit teenage girls and Andre Leon Tallys that will wear you
Glasses: Who the hell are you? My conscious I got rid of you in High School.
Me: Snaps glasses and sighs.
Anyway as the official ambassador to inanimate objects and as well as people I have carefully observed that no one seems to have any imagination except for toddlers, Karen O, and all of the people in Paris fashion week. I mean with toddlers the skies the limit! They imagine all of this elaborate stuff is under a twin sized bed purchased at baby land. Karen O is well....umm....Karen and fashion is awesome. Especially Miuccia Prada. Miuccia is my hero. She manages to come up with amazing bird shoes and go to parties all at the same time! She still takes time to eat lunch and read Tavi's blog: http://www.thestylerookie.com/
Oh Tavi you say you are terrible with technology but it is actually me!
Anyway long story short. I wish I had a pair of alexander wang glasses and Miuccia Prada would come to my birthday party.Miu Miu Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear
Photos: Alexander Wang Glasses, Miu Miu SS11 RTW, Wynnona Ryder, Karen O

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