Strange Paradise

So in case you haven't figured out, I've pretty much abandoned this blog. It's not because I no longer love fashion (because I promise you I do) It's just because I'm beginning to grow out of writing on here. Blogging was something incredibly important to me all throughout High School. To be honest, it's part of the reason I don't hate myself. It's part of the reason I'm a feminist. I'm not writing here any more because I feel like my that chapter of my life has come to an end. I still want to write about the things that are important to me but I don't think that this is the right place anymore. 
About a month ago I was accepted to the College/University I'm planning on attending next year. If you're curious, it's the same college that Lena Dunham and Jane Pratt went to. I'll leave it at that but it's not that hard to figure out. Around the time I got into college Tavi Gevinson wrote an editor's letter about the concept of forever. I'm at the edge of forever right now. I just started the last semester of my last year of High School and I'm using that time to reflect and document my thoughts in my journal. 

Last night, I drove my car by myself for the first time. I drove through empty streets of suburbia listening to beach house watching the car hover under every street lamp and pass the occasional sullen faced teenager. I was in a way, in my own Strange Paradise that Victoria LeGrand talks about in Irene. Driving at night is one of the weirdest and most introspective experiences I've had in a while so naturally I want to savor it. 
Forever was wonderful. It was when I would sit in the lawn chair section of Target eating scooby doo fruit snacks. It was when I would go into the girl's bathroom and see that someone had done a graffiti portrait of Charles Manson or wrote the wise words in bubble letters "For Rectal Use Only." Forever is when I wore a dress that "looked like someone's grandma's table cloth" or when the boy asked me if I was on acid because I was dancing so hard. When I went to that concert but couldn't enjoy the music because the boy kissed me and I didn't want him to or when I spent my last night of sleep away camp hanging upside down in a tree at the edge of the forest.  These were my talisman of the suburbs, things that I kept with me when I walked alone listening to Neil Young on the last days of Indian Summer before it started to end.

What I'm getting at is that I'm at a really weird point in my life. I'm supposed to start thinking about the rest of my life and squeeze myself out of the perpetual unreality I've been living in where I feel like I'm immortal. Realizing that you're at the edge of forever is terrifying because it means you've just finished the first real chapter of your life. I'm descending into what Conrad calls the Heart of Darkness but in a more existential way then a literal descent into hell or the heart of the Congo. 

I need to find new mediums to explore to get my writing out there. I've truly loved writing on this blog over the past 3 years. Maybe I'll come back but I really doubt it. I'm going to keep my blog public so if you ever want to look at the posts I did when I was 13 years old and could barely form a sentence, by all means. 



Supermarket Yoga

Dress: Wren. Blazer: Vintage from my Mom's closet. Shoes: Modcloth. Tights: Gap.

Recently I scored this absolutely amazinnnggg dress by Wren off of ebay on the cheap. It was one of those instances where it came from hong kong and I had no idea if it would actually be the real thing but it was so all is good! This dress is actually ridiculously comfortable. The fabric looks like it would be stiff and itchy but its surprisingly super soft and breathable.

When creating this outfit I kind of wanted to go for a mystic/70's disco queen kind of vibe. My mom has this amazing metallic green blazer she bought in the early 1990's which was absolutely imperative in finding inspiration for this outfit. The shoes I'm wearing are from Modcloth that I bought for Prom last spring that I have since realized was such a good decision because they go with everything and make me look like a princess.

Back to inspiration. Over the past year I've really loved the aesthetic of 1970's Disco because everything looks like a rug, sparkles, and is full of ~good vibes~. I feel like the 70s was when people really started to understand how important it is to mix patterns and aesthetics. I'm trying really hard not to get too nostalgic about the past because it is really unhealthy and in 2013 you can watch netflix instead of trying to be social and also get email on your phone (unless your me who has a phone from 2007 that never works)The pattern on this dress reminds me of Miu Miu fw12 when Miuccia did those amazing brocade pattern suits that also remind me of rugs and second empire drawing rooms (holler attcha Sartre). I also thought a lot about the aesthetic of the most recent Arcade Fire Album. It has these hollow poetic lyrics and sound but when the band performs you get this very haunted, saturated disco feeling.
Obviously the moodboard for this outfit involves a lot of stuff that is/emulates Cindy Sherman. Saturated, drenched in blood, sweat, and deep blues, oranges, and greens.
Miu Miu F/W12 campaign featuring Chloe Sevingy. Cindy Sherman. Meadham Kirchhoff for Topshop Campaign. Regine Chassange. Degen SS13 by Beautylish
-Sophie Fransays


Cold River Winds

Blouse: Topshop. Skirt, Pearls, and Belt: Vintage. Shoes: Thrifted from Buffalo Exchange in Boston. Tights: Target. Lipstick is from Portland Black Lipstick Co in Undead Red (HIGHLY Recommended, especially if you're looking for lipstick in funky colors on the cheap. I also have this in black for when I need to be a sad goth) 

It seems really weird to me that I haven't posted on here (well at least done a real post) in almost 2 months. Fortunately, the period of my life in which I stay up late doing homework is pretty much done because the first have of the term is OVER. Now I'm finishing my homework at 8:30 as opposed to 11:30 so having a little ~sophie time~ has proven rewarding. It's given me a lot of time to sit and think.  Recently, I wrote in my journal about the theme of each year of high school. Freshman year was a transition year. I stopped hating myself. Sophmore year was kind of a year of discovery. Junior year was basically spent being a moody bitch and thinking about Sophmore year and Senior year is kind of a mix of all three. 

Recently at school we had the incredibly stupid Senior Superlative election. Weirdly enough I ended up getting nominated for best dressed. It made me think a lot about how far my perception of style has come. I've spent all of high school being the quirky girl. I wore a bunch of quirky dresses and quirky shoes and quirky buttons and now I'm kind of done with that part of my life. Unfortunately, people's perception of me wants to stay stuck 2 years ago when I want to mature. I'm done being a maximalist I just want to you know, be Tilda Swinton and wear Jil Sander, Margiela, Yohji, and Comme. Aesthetic Maturity is important. My style needs to grow with me. I'm tired of feeling obligated to dress a certain way. I'm beginning to feel almost like a Manic Pixie Dream Girl Trope. I can't be stuck in time. 

As I just mentioned I'm really into Japanese minimalism mixed with 70's pulp and leather harnesses. Or in other words, Minju Kim's collab with H&M. I want to meld vintage quirky girl stuff (Think: Rachel Antonoff and Miu Miu) with Utilitarianism (Like Jil Sander and Rick Owens). To break it down pop culture style the combined aesthetic of Hausu and Patti Smith (because I'm a tuff punk)

This outfit, however, is pretty much none of those things. I based it around the blouse and lipstick. It's November which is actually the worst (no joke something horrible always happens to me in November. WHAT WILL IT BE THIS YEAR? WILL IT BE THE STOMACH FLU? WILL IT BE DUMB TEEN DRAMA? STAY TUNED NEXT WEEK KIDDOS!) Anyways, I wanted to be an ice queen with the dark lips and white eyeliner but also Sylvia Plath with the plaid school girl skirt and devious grin. My english teacher/ Creative Writing teacher (I'm taking two English classes whaddup) has been trying to get me into Plath recently so as a result I want to dress like her. 
This graphic for today's look/ For my English Teacher (YOU RULE)

And these for everything else:

 Credits: Unknown, Jesus and Mary Chain, Hausu Poster, Tavi Gevinson for Shop Ghost, Issey Miyake by Irving Penn.

That's all for now!
-Sophie Frances


Not even close to dead

Hello friends,

So it's been an embarrassingly long time since I've posted on this mighty fine internet weblog, so long you might have convinced yourself I've given up on blogging. A lot of exciting things have been happening in my life lately so I've been a bit preoccupied. I'm not dead. I'll be back soon. For now enjoy these photos that emulate how I'm feeling lately and what my aesthetic is like.
1st 3 are unknowns from tumblr. 2nd to last is by Hattie Stewart. Last is Minju Kim for H&M.